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The Footy Show

It doesn't matter if you have NFI about NRL; lace up your boots, fire up some Tina Turner and get ready for... 


Come on down to 103-105 Oxford Street (above the 7/11) at 6:00 PM, Friday 30th September when Lilac City Studio presents a group exhibition dedicated to the high Shakespearian drama of the greatest game on Earth.

Featuring works by:

Will Akerman, Marissa Bagley, Jordan Beenken, Matt Busteed, Kit Christian, Michael Cook, Anna Cuthill, Nell Ferguson, Annalisa Ferraris, Ryan Hancock, Ryan Hoffman, Aidan Jansen, Gemma King, Steven Charles William Latimer III, Gabriella Lo Presti, Nick MacMahon, Dan Mitchell, Lucy O'Doherty, Gidon Sack, Amelia Skelton, Cameron Skelton, Sam Stephenson, James Stevens, Eva Troyeur-Gibson, Eli Turier, Siena White and Vanessa White


See gallery here